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Avoiding Germs in Public Places - ServiceMaster Services Janitorial - Mobile, AL

The following article was published by ServiceMaster Clean. ServiceMaster Services Janitorial, and ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning and Restoration in Mobile, AL are one of the largest janitorial & disaster restoration franchises on the Gulf Coast. Information about our two companies is at the end of this article. 



JULY 3, 2017

Public spaces can house thousands of germs. Light switches, door handles, community coffee pots, sink faucets – you name it, there are probably germs nesting on it. Consider how many surfaces you touch every day. If you touch it, several other people most likely touched it before you. Find out where the most germs in public places exist and how you can avoid them with tips from ServiceMaster Clean®.


Visiting a doctor's office is unavoidable. However, it's not exactly the place you'd want to be if you needed to avoid germs. Offices including your general practitioner, pediatrician and urgent care are riddled with germs from sick patients. Writing utensils, chairs, doorknobs and exam tables likely cling to germs, putting you at risk for exposure.


To avoid germs at a doctor's office, follow these tips:

Pack your own tissues and hand sanitizers.

Sit far away from other sick patients to put space between yourself and their germs.

Bring your own reading material.

When taking your child to the doctor, bring his or her favorite toys to keep them from touching germ-infested toys at the office.


While state health departments may inspect restaurant kitchens to ensure practices are hygienic, the same inspection doesn't occur in the restaurant's seating area. Here, hidden germs can multiply in areas that aren’t sanitized as often as they should be. For example, restaurant menus are quickly handed from one guest to the next. Condiment bottles and salt and pepper shakers typically aren't wiped down in between guests, either. Even the booth you're sitting in may not be completely germ-free before you sit down.


To avoid germs in a restaurant, follow these tips:

Sanitize condiment bottles or use a disinfectant wipe before you touch them.

Ask the server to wipe down the booth with a sanitizer cloth before you sit.

Never let your menu touch your plate or silverware.

Keep silverware on a napkin or your plate, never on the table.


Even when regularly cleaned, public bathrooms harbor plenty of germs. Germs can be found on the toilet seat handle, stall handle, bathroom faucet, and bathroom door, among other areas. To help cut down on the amount of germ transfer, many public restrooms today have installed hands-free devices like toilets, sinks and dryers. However, germs can still spread.


If the public restroom you're visiting doesn't have handle-free equipment, you can avoid germs by following these tips:

Use a paper towel to touch handles.

Never set things like jackets or purses on the bathroom floor.

Don't stick around after the toilet flushes, since the force could cause bacteria to fly into the air and land on your clothes.

If you can manage, try flushing the toilet with your foot to avoid touching the handle.

Learn how to wash your hands properly so they stay clean in every public space.


Offices are filled with shared workspaces that build up germs. Surfaces like the printer, fax machine, coffee maker, refrigerator, telephones and desks can go weeks or even months without being sanitized, putting you at risk for illness.


To avoid germs at work, follow these tips:

Use a printable office cleaning checklist to keep your space neat and tidy.

Sanitize your work station daily.

Designate an employee in your office to be in charge of sanitizing common areas, like the kitchen or conference room.

Use a professional cleaning service to deeply clean your office and create a healthier work environment.

In order to better combat and avoid germs in public spaces, it's important that you always stay aware of the most common places they hide. If you're responsible for thoroughly cleaning public spaces, make sure you always clean with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectant. That way, you can fight common pathogens in an efficient, healthy manner.

If you need a professional cleaning service to sanitize your public space, call the experts at ServiceMaster Clean®. With our genuine commitment to offering you the best service with the proper tools, equipment, training and expertise, we can be there for you 24/7, any day of the year. Find out more about our ServiceMaster Clean® services today.

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In facilities that we clean, we use the ServiceMaster product, SaniMaster as a disinfectant. It is highly effective across a broad range of bacteria and viruses.



Below is some information on our two companies:


ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning & Restoration - more than a restoration company.

ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning is part of the largest ServiceMaster group of companies specifically performing water damage and mitigation services in the Mobile and Baldwin County area. ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning, The Master of Disaster, has been in operation On the Gulf Coast for over 30 years and has handled some of largest water damage and fire damage cleanup jobs in the area. From tornado cleanup jobs during the tornadoes of Christmas 2012 in Mobile, and in Hattiesburg, MS in 2013; to hurricane cleanup jobs in Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, and every Spring rain and flood event to happen in the area in the last quarter century, ServiceMaster Advanced has been there. We didn’t just begin our mitigation company last year, we have been here all along and have steadily grown with the community and helped the parent company innovate and improve the brand. ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning has performed mitigation jobs for the Alabama State Docks, The Mobile Convention Center, the RSA Tower, The Mobile Infirmary, the AmSouth Tower, the Regions Bank Building, the University of South Alabama, The City of Mobile, The County of Mobile, Springhill College, Springhill Memorial, ST Mobile Aerospace, Airbus, The Mobile County School System, The Corps of Engineers, The State of Alabama and many many more commercial buildings and thousands of homeowners. If you find yourself in need of mitigation services for your home or business, trust the true professionals, the company that the commercial industry turns to time and again, The Master of Disaster, ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning & Restoration (251) 653-9333, (251) 928-1028, (251) 943-2230 & (866) 653-9333


ServiceMaster Services - more than a janitorial company.

ServiceMaster Services Janitorial is an award winning large janitorial company operating along the Gulf Coast. Our customers include many of the areas large manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, and government entities. Our customer list reads like a who's who among the areas largest employers. 


Our two companies are market leaders in both mitigation and janitorial. The combined forces of these two entities bring more cleaning solutions, mitigation capabilities, and building problem solving to the table, than any single entity in the Mobile, Baldwin County or Coastal Mississippi area. Period. First and foremost, we have three ideally located offices to serve the entire area from Perdido Key & Orange Beach, to Gulfport and Pascagoula, Mississippi. We can be anywhere in the area within 45 minutes tops. 

Our two companies have been serving Mobile and Baldwin Counties for over 30 years, and between these two companies we offer, in addition to janitorial:

1. Water Damage Restoration, FIre Damage Restoration

2. Mold Remediation, Mold Assessment & Testing

3. Commercial & Industrial Janitorial Services - proven abiltiy to hande janitorial accounts in excess of 500,000 square feet

4. Forensic Cleanup Services

5. Carpet Cleaning (Few, if any, janitorial services can offer truck-mounted carpet cleaning)

6. Hard Surface Floor Stripping, Waxing & Maintenance

7. Grout Cleaning - with a truck mounted steam attachment that ensures excellent results

8. Window Cleaning

9. Post-Construction Cleaning - both commercial & residential

10. Temporary Labor Staffing - yes we provide temps to our many commercial & industrial cleints on a regular basis

11. Pressure Washing

12. Smoke & Odor Cleanup - we eliminate the really tough residential & commercial problems

13. Building Leak & Water Instrusion Detection

14. Paper Product & Expendible Sourcing - from paper towels & toilet paper to can liners & cleaning supplies

15. Specialty Cleaning - from vent hoods in restaurants, to ships, jets, luxury yachts and RVs

16. Duct Cleaing - in conjunction with mold remediation, fire restoration or as a stand alone service.

17. Large Scale Drying - Proven abiltity to handle large loss water damage restoration such as hotels, large office buildings & medical complexes.

18. Medical Office Building & Clean Room Cleaning - extensive training & knowledge of the specific cleaning requirements of medical environments

19. Upholstery & Rug Cleaning

20. Detail Fire Contents Cleaning, Pack Out & Storage - in conjunction with a fire or water restoration project or as a stand alone service

21. Debris Removal - if it is under a roof, we can find a way to remove it

22. Interior Demolotion Services - usually in conjunction with a water or fire restroation project

23. Turn-key Shopping Center & Office Space Turnaround - we remove the debris and trash left by the former tenant, and we clean the space to be ready for lease

24 Large Hard Surface Floor Preparation - we have the large automated equipment to prepare large hard surface floor areas for occupancy after construction

25. Construction Rebuild - after a fire or water loss, there are a number of ways we can assist, here is an overview:

We handle some of Mobile's most well know entities. In janitorial, we specialize in Medical, Industrial and Offices. We clean schools, ships and airplanes as well! We have one of the largest staffs of cleaning personnel anywhere, and we use the most modern of equipment and procedures. We are locally owned and unlike so many of the postings on the internet, we actually live and work here in the Mobile area. We are not a fire and water damage restoration company, or janitorial company that has set up a virtual presence on the internet, hoping to subcontract to another outfit. We are real. We are here. We go to church and school here. We pay taxes here and we are part of the volunteer community here in Mobile. We enjoy an excellent reputation and we care about your facility. Our prices are fair and our service is excellent and consistent. We do not underbid in the effort to get our foot in the door and then raise our prices. We do not believe in poor service and then come in once a month to raise the cleaning standard; conversely we believe in keeping your facility in first-class condition ALL of the time! Call us today for a quote. No building is too small, and none certainly is too large. (251) 344-5105.

This isn't merely janitorial service that meets the need, it's janitorial that exceeds the need. This isn't reactive janitorial that you have to monitor, it's janitorial service that is pro-active and anticipates the customer's needs! We view ourselves as an extension of your building management. Call us today for a quotation, or help with consulting. (251) 344-5105.